Introducing the new universal "Spectrum" clock

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The SPECTRUM series analog clock operates on a wide range of wired clock system types. From historical 3-wire synchronous systems to 2-wire midnight resets to 2-wire On-Demand reset systems, from 24V to 120V -- the SPECTRUM Series has it covered. The energy efficient design uses less power than previous systems allowing longer wire distances with less power supplies. An on-board microprocessor monitors the hand position to ensure accurate time display and does not require any user intervention to re-calibrate the hand location like others.   Read more

The 3-Wire Synchronous version can be ordered in either 24VAC or 120VAC. This microprocessor based time piece can automatically discern the reset protocol transmitted from the master clock (by National Time or others) and synchronize with the existing clocks on the system. Reset schemes from popular manufacturers such as IBM, Simplex, Lathem, Rauland, Cincinnati, Honeywell, Standard Electric Time, Faraday, Stromberg, and others are supported. Refer to the compatibility list in bulletin C-430 for details. When used with master clock by others, the SPECTRUM series clock can coexist with the existing clocks and operate similarly. However, with a National Time master clock, the clocks can coexist on the same circuit but the SPECTRUM clocks can reset immediately after a power outage without the 12 hour reset cycle required by historical clocks. This provides a means to upgrade your clock system to a higher level of operation incrementally as older clocks fail or funds become available.

The 2-Wire version can also be ordered in either 24V or 120VAC. With a master clock by others, a simple 0.25 second pulse at midnight can synchronize the clocks. With a National Time master clock, the On-Demand reset protocol transmits power and time information using two wires to send the clocks to the correct time at any time. This eliminates the waiting period for errant clocks following a power interruption.

Each clock is equipped with an all metal case and white polystyrene dial having black markings and hands. A sway-proof hanger plate is furnished that securely holds clock to wall. Cases are attractively finished in Powder Gray enamel. Other finishes and glass or shatterproof lens are available upon request. Shatterproof lens now standard on 12" round. Refer to Bulletin C-323 for classic dial series.

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