Hospitals & Health Care

Hospitals & Health Care

Hospitals and Health CareFlexible, Scalable System Designs
Whether it’s due to growth or the ever-changing advancements in medical technology and procedures, Healthcare facilities are in a constant state of change.  Our Hospital and Healthcare Facility applications are designed with the flexibility to adapt and expand to new configurations cost effectively.

When Performance Matters
We provide the highest quality products and system designs for supporting your staff, technology investment, and patients.

Custom Solutions - Cost Effectively
We specialize in providing the most cost effective solutions and the Lowest Lifecycle costs in the industry.

Proven product longevity...our systems are proven to last over 5 times longer than our competitors'.

Maintenance free - our systems are designed to minimize cost and maintenance headaches common to other systems.  No batteries, no adjustments, instant reset.

Environmentally Friendly
We support green technology through energy efficiency, and we eliminate a major source of toxic waste through battery-free design.