Fire Systems

901 Notification Appliance Control Panel

The NATIONAL TIME 901 Series Intelligent Notification Appliance Control Panel meets the increasing demand for signalling circuit power requirements of today’s installations. The A901-NACP Series communicates
with all National 900 and 902 Series Fire Alarm system on the DigiComm™ addressable loop.  Available with up to four style Y or Z Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) rated for a total of 10 Amps.  Two 24 VDC (0.5 A) auxiliary power outputs provide extra power for ancillary equipment such as remote annunciators and LAN connections. When used for Speaker/Strobe installations, the 901 NACP series is available with addressable outputs to control audio outputs. The two DigiComm™ loop addresses provide enough information to individually identify over 28 statuses including AC Failure, Bad Battery, individual circuit open/short/over-current, Ground Fault, and more providing remote trouble diagnostic identification of fault conditions by way of the FACP display. Status LEDs are also provided on the front panel for easy fault identification at the NACP. Additionally, A901-LA-XXXX series local annunciator can be added to indicate additional statuses such as audio zone troubles and circuit activation providing first responders and technicians at-a-glance system information.  
The 901 NACP is capable of synchronized horn (temporal) and strobe operation directly from the NAC outputs without the need of a synchronization module.  Furthermore, these panels provide independent control of horns and strobes on the same pair of wires for audible alarm silence operation.  
The 901 Series NACP shares the 901 FACP innovative chassis/box design concept that eases installation effort and provides clear access to all field connections. It shares the multiple box and trim combinations of the 901 FACP Series to create an attractive and versatile installation.


arrow 2 or 4 Notification Appliance Circuits at 2.5 Amps each.
arrow Style Y (Class B) or Style Z (Class A)
arrow Synchronized Control of Horns and Strobes Silence Horns with Strobes
arrow Operating on a Single Pair of Wires
arrow Integrated Addressable Outputs for Audio Zones
arrow All Trouble Indications for each Circuit at Main Panel and Front Panel LEDs
arrow (2) 24 VDC 0.5A Auxiliary Power Outputs
arrow 901 Series Cabinet provides Flush or Surface Mounting
arrow Chassis Design Simplifies Installation



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