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902-RPS Series Remote Power Supply

The NATIONAL TIME 902-RPS Series Remote Power Supply is designed to meet the needs of your increasing power requirements.

The 902-RPS provides two style Y or Z conventional Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) rated for a total of 5 Amps. The 24 VDC (0.5 Amp) auxiliary power output provide for system application flexibility.

The 902-RPS Series version, in addition, provides two input control circuits to direct the activation of the two NAC output circuits. The two input control circuits are activated by a 24VDC reverse polarity or dry contact.

The 902-RPS trouble relay provides polarized or dry (form C) contact outputs.

The 902-RPS (with standard firmware) provides three available evacuation rates selectable on a per circuit basis:
continuous, march time and temporal.

The 902-RPS-SG Series version provides all the features of the standard 902-RPS and is capable of synchronized horn (temporal) and strobe operation directly from the power supply without the need of a synchronization module.

This provides horn (temporal) and strobe synchronization with independent control (alarm silence capability) on the same pair of wires.


Product Specs arrow



arrow 5 Amps of Notification Appliance Power

arrow 2 Notification Appliance Circuits

arrow Synchronized Horn/Strobe Operation on a Single Pair of Wires

arrow Silence Horns with Strobes Operating on a Single Pair of Wires

arrow 24 VDC Auxiliary Power Output

arrow Trouble Contacts

arrow Expandable Design
arrow Dry Contact Activation

arrow Reverse Polarity Activation

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