On-Point™ remote Access

On-Point™ Remote Access

National Time and Signal’s On-Point Life Safety™ system is the most advanced remote connectivity platform in use today. Each panel is connected through an existing internet connection and maintains secure communication with National’s On-Point™ server using the A900-LAN module.

Integrate the IGD Interactive Graphic Display with National’s On-Point Life Safety™ system platform to create a multi-purpose information portal available to all building occupants during non-emergency situations. On-Point™ Central provides a complete network management interface to create and update content of multiple Interactive Graphic Displays throughout the building or campus using secure internet connection.  See the On-Point™ Life Safety and IGD brochure.

On-Point Remote Access

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arrow Connect to your system from any computer or web-enabled device
arrow Connectivity for Police and Fire emergency response
arrow View maps and pinpoint system events using interface similar to IGD Display
arrow System health and emergency events are immediately logged at the off-site server
arrow Easy to understand system
arrow Dashboard displays real-time information
arrow Automatic text messaging and e-mail notifications and instructions

arrow Manage an individual building or an entire campus or district from any internet connection
arrow Optimize efficiency by dispatching human resources armed with real-time information
arrow Streamline Factory support with access to system history
arrow Customize text and e-mail messages per event type to multiple recipients

arrow Installation and inspections are simplified by viewing system events remotely
   from an internet connected device
arrow While touring the facility, verify point description and wiring supervision
   without need for a technician at the panel
arrow Save time and improve system testing and inspections by viewing history that
   tracks testing and maintenance per point.
arrow Print various reports including dirty detector values