IGD Interactive Graphic Display

IGD Interactive Graphic Display

Developed for the On-Point Life Safety™ system platform, the interactive graphic display has become a popular choice for facility owners seeking multi-function performance and benefits. Operating as a node in a global On-Point Life Safety™ system network, the display offers remote connectivity to meet a wide variety of safety and campus administration needs. Whether working as a stand alone annunciator unit or as an On-Point™ information portal, the intuitive touch screen interface provides quick access to critical emergency information. Advanced facility mapping software accurately locates points of emergency with zoom, pan and drill-down map navigation. The facility mapping software also offers critical safety benefits for firefighters by locating hazardous materials, pathways, extinguishers and fire hoses. When added to an existing On-Point Life Safety™ system, the display doubles as an information kiosk to display emergency as well as non-emergency
information to building occupants.



arrow Floor plan and elevation views for pinpoint at-a-glance emergency identification
arrow Zoom, pan, drill-down functionality for high density installations
arrow 100% Point annunciation for accurate point identification
arrow Dynamic design evolves with future needs
arrow Simple inexpensive upgrades and modifications
arrow *Local device enable/disable during building maintenance or renovations
arrow *Two-way Fire Alarm Panel interaction creates intuitive user-friendly operation
arrow Display of Other Information:
      Hazardous material locations
      Building egress routes
      Fire extinguisher locations
      Fire hose locations
      Elevators and stairwells
      Special needs occupancy

arrow *Interactive as-built drawing display
arrow *Interactive riser drawings with live point status helps trouble shooting and maintenance

*Available when used with National Time & Signal Series 900/902 Fire Alarm Controls

IGD Interactive Graphic Display

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