Color Graphic

Color Graphic Workstation

The NATIONAL TIME 900 Series Color Graphic Display A900-PC-CG provides user control and system status identification. The A900-PC-CG is a U.L. listed proprietary receiving unit that connects to the 900/902 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels via the RS232 port on the Fire Alarm Control Panel. All system status points are displayed in a color coded text format that clearly identifies status, operator acknowledgment, point type, location message, time and date. With building or campus map displays, the user can easily identify the location of the emergency as well as surrounding environment details such as egress routes and hazardous material locations. Special instructions can be displayed helping the operator follow prescribed emergency action plans for each alarm point.The A900-PC-CG provides system operator logon/logoff and multiple access levels with password control. The A900-PC-CG requires an uninterrupted power source to meet U.L. proprietary listing.The A900-PC-CG is available in an ancillary version (A900-APC-CG) providing many of the features of the standard A900-PC-CG, meeting the U.L. ancillary requirements. Additional building systems such as security, access control, HVAC can be annunciated with custom API’s and integration programming. When integrated with National Time’s On-PointTM Central internet portal, remote access to all point information and building maps are available from any PC. Event notifications can be sent via e-mail or text messaging to specified personnel or first responders.



arrow Floor plan and elevation views for pinpoint at-a-glance emergency identification
arrow Zoom, pan, drill-down functionality for high density installations
arrow 100% Point annunciation for accurate point identification
arrow Dynamic design evolves with future needs
arrow Simple inexpensive upgrades and modifications
arrow *Local device enable/disable during building maintenance or renovations
arrow *Two-way Fire Alarm Panel interaction creates intuitive user-friendly operation
arrow Display of Other Information:
      Hazardous material locations
      Building egress routes
      Fire extinguisher locations
      Fire hose locations
      Elevators and stairwells
      Special needs occupancy

*Available when used with National Time & Signal Series 900/902 Fire Alarm Controls

Color Graphic Workstation

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