902 Annunciator

902 Fire Alarm Annunciator

The NATIONAL TIME 902 Fire Alarm Annunciator complements 900 and 902 Series Fire Alarm Systems by providing fire alarm control at remote locations. The 902 Annunciator provides a two line by 40 character backlit LCD to display system status and user programmed device locations. Full system control including Alarm Silence, Drill, Trouble Silence, and System Reset may be programmed. Three levels of security are provided including two levels of password protection against unauthorized use. A desktop printer is also supported for hard copy of all fire alarm functions or system status printouts. Up to 32 panels and annunciators may be connected via RS485 twisted pair. Panel programming is user friendly with a Windows based configuration program. Complete system configuration is downloadable and uploadable from an IBM compatible PC from any panel in the system.



arrow 80 Character Backlit Display 
arrow Full System Control 
arrow User Friendly Interface 
arrow Non-volitile History Memory 
arrow Compatible with 900 and 902 Systems 
arrow U.L. Listed
arrow Made in the U.S.A.

902 Annunciator

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