901 Control Panels

901 Control Panels

The 901 Fire Alarm Series combines modular design with ease of installation and field serviceability expected from a respected industry leader for over 100 years. Begin with National’s highly reliable state-of-the-art addressable system, and build a system to suit installations from small single story to large high rises. The 901 series can be a stand-alone single panel or network with any National Time FACP series to create a distributed system rivaled by no other. Audio evacuation and paging options can be added allowing building occupants to feel safe and secure. Point annunciation options can range from bullet style LEDs, to graphic map annunciators, to National’s exclusive Interactive Graphic Display (IGD) allowing first responders to quickly access building status. A Color Graphic workstation can provide advanced control for building personnel. For off-site access to information, there is no equal to On-Point™ Central that can provide live system status complete with building maps, text and e-mail messaging and more through an internet connection. 

The 901 Series FACP innovative chassis design concept eases installation effort and provides clear access to all field connections. Multiple box and trim combinations create an attractive and versatile installation.



arrow Field Programmable 
arrow Modem and Printer Interfaces 
arrow Non-volatile History/Configuration Memory 
arrow Display and/or Point Annunciation 
arrow Multi-Channel Audio 
arrow One/Two Way Firefighter's Communication 
arrow Programmable Switches & Status LEDs 
arrow Detector Drift Compensation 
arrow Auto Detector Test 
arrow Detector Maintenance Alert 
arrow Walk Test and Reports
arrow DigiComm™ Addressable Loops
arrow Horn-Strobe or Speaker-Strobe Systems
arrow Local and Remote Paging
arrow Digital Recorded Messages
arrow Zone Paging Control
arrow Programmable Swtiches & Status LEDs
arrow Style Y (Class B) or Style Z (Class A)
arrow Synchronized Control of Horns and Strobes
arrow Silence Horns with Strobes
arrow Operating on a Single Pair of Wires
arrow Networkable with all National Panels
arrow Modular, Expandable Design
arrow Internet Connectivity
arrow On-Point™ Central Compatible


900 Control Panels

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