900 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels

900 Control Panels

The NATIONAL TIME 900 Series Fire Alarm is a modular system which provides the building blocks to create any size system from a small conventional wired system to a large high rise system with intelligent loops and two way communication. The 900 Series Fire Alarm combines an easy to use panel with a highly reliable state-of-the-art addressable analog system. National Time's DigiComm™ digital communication loops overcome transmission frailties of conventional analog systems. The 900 Series provides a user friendly programming method utilizing a Windows based configuration program. Complete system configuration is downloadable and uploadable from an IBM compatible PC or from remote locations via telephone modems. This insures that the field technician is always working with the latest configuration data and permits panel access to remote technical support. The virtually limitless combinations of modules available in the 900 series control meet the most wide ranging building requirements. Full function one and two way firefighter's communication is available with programmable zone control switches and dual status LEDs. All DigiComm™ devices are equipped with U.L. Style 6 or 7 (Class A) or Style 4 (Class B) supervision. DigiComm™ loops link a network of addressable analog devices, initiating devices, control modules, monitor modules and provide individual control and annunciation using programmable paddle switches each with two status LEDs. Attractive graphic overlays protect all insertable zone/function legends.



arrow Field Programmable
arrow Modem and Printer Interfaces
arrow Non-volatile History/Configuration Memory
arrow Display and/or Point Annunciation
arrow Multi-Channel Audio
arrow One/Two Way Firefighter's Communication
arrow Programmable Switches & Status LEDs
arrow Detector Drift Compensation
arrow Auto Detector Test
arrow Detector Maintenance Alert
arrow Walk Test and Reports
arrow Modular, Expandable Design
arrow U.L. Listed

900 Control Panels

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