Wireless Clock Systems

 Clock Systems Overview

Wireless Clock Systems

In a world where Wi-FI is all around us, National Time's Wi-Fi wireless clocks are the best wireless clock system available. Why bother with expensive transmitters and radio licensing when your building already has Wi-Fi? Best of all, two-way Wi-Fi technology allows you to monitor your clocks for correct operation at all times.

Digital Wi-Fi Clocks

  •  Wireless Clock Correction
  •  Automatic Brightness Control
  •  Class-Change Timer
  •  Cost effective
  •  Industry's Longest Life

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RDS Analog Wi-Fi Clocks

  •  Wireless Clock Correction
  •  Instant Time Correction
  •  Heavy-Duty Drive Train
  •  Long Life Energy Efficient

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Spectrum Wi-Fi Clocks

  •  Fully Wireless Battery Clock
  •  Fun App-Based Setup and Cloud Monitoring
  •  Hang Anywhere

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EX Analog Wi-Fi Clocks

  •  Wireless Clock Correction
  •  Synchronous Motor Drive Train
  •  Time-Tested Clock Goes Wi-Fi

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Master Clocks and Cloud

  •  Integrate with PA/Sound Systems
  •  Mix Wired and Wireless Clocks
  •  Advanced Bell Scheduling

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Which is the best Wireless Clock System for me?

Check out our Clock Selection Guide, or contact one of our sales engineers now!

What makes a National Time & Signal Wireless Clock System so special?

Easy Setup

You can use a phone, tablet, or PC to quickly configure your clocks and verify that they're communicating.

Two-Way Communication

Unlike traditional RF systems, our Wi-Fi clocks can check into our master clocks and cloud service, allowing you to easily verify signal strength and battery levels.

Use Existing Infrastructure

Our Wi-Fi clocks use your existing 802.11 Wi-Fi access points. There are no extra transmitters to buy. And since you already know your Wi-Fi coverage there won't be any signal strength surprises.


National Time's Wi-Fi clocks use industry-standard WPA and WPA2 PSK encryption to securely connect to your network.

Bandwidth Miser

Our wireless Wi-Fi clocks use almost no data on your network so they will not affect your network's performance.

Advanced Functionality

With an optional TiMEWISE master clock or supervision server, you can schedule class-change countdown timers for your digital clocks. Wi-Fi Digital clocks also have a built-in timer feature for sports or test-taking.

Ultimate Flexibility

Our wireless Wi-Fi clocks can hang anywhere, making them a great complement to existing wired systems or an ideal solution for remote classrooms or facilities with changing layouts.