ET-RPS6 Power Supplies

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ET-RPS6 Power Supplies

These installer friendly power supplies are available in wall mount or standard 19" rack mount versions.  Simply plugs into a standard wall outlet and provides (2) Class II 3.12A 24VAC outputs.  These supplies can operate by linking a control cable from one of our ET Series Master Clocks or can function as a remote booster supply by connecting to an existing 24VAC clock circuit.  These supplies are available in either 2-Wire or 3-Wire versions depending upon your type of clock circuit.  LEDs indicate circuit activation with additional indicators of actual output health to ease diagnosis of circuit problems.  Built-in circuit breakers are easily accessible for overcurrent protection. 



arrow Availble in either 2-Wire or 3-Wire versions
arrow Controlled by ETMC-2W or ETMC-3W Series control cable
arrow Consumes no IP network address
arrow 2W Version Adds 2 Power/Data outputs for up to 80 clocks each
arrow 3W Version Adds 1 Circuit of Run/Reset power (3.12A each)
arrow May be controlled locally in same Rack using control output
arrow May be installed remotely to extend Power/Data or Run/Reset circuits
arrow 2U standard 19” rack mounting
arrow Small footprint 11”x13.5” wall mounting

ET-RPS6-2W Power Supplies

Product Specs (2-Wire) arrow

Product Specs (3-Wire) arrow