Clock Systems Overview

Clock Systems Overview

We invented them - before there was electricity! Learn More

For more than a century, we've supplied the finest clock products in the industry. From time-tested wired master clock systems to cutting-edge Wi-Fi clock systems, we have a solution for every need. Join us as we explore the possibilities and benefits of a National Time system. Feel free to contact one of our sales engineers to find the option that's best for you, or take a look at one of our example systems.

Wired Clock System

  •  Time-tested performance
  •  Great solution for clock systems renovations
  •  Green alternative
  •  Cost effective
  •  Universal clock replacement

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Wireless Clock Systems

  •  Precise internet time
  •  Easy phone setup
  •  Automatic clock status reporting
  •  Web-based bell programming

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Which is the best Clock System for me?

Check out our Clock Selection Guide, or contact one of our sales engineers now!

What makes a National Time & Signal clock system special?

Quality at Every Level

We engineer the highest possible quality at every price point, and it shows. We have master clock systems in the field that have lasted for over 50 years!

We Make it Ourselves

We produce our clock systems at our factories in Michigan, which means you'll have the support of the people that put them together and the engineers that design them.

Solutions for Every Facility

Whether you are a school, hospital, airport, industrial, or commercial facility, we have a clock system that meets your needs. Over the past century, we've seen it all.

A Long-Term Partner

We have a longstanding commitment for maintaining compatibility and support on systems that are decades old. As your needs change, we'll be there to help you along the way.

We Do it the Right Way

We can do it all -- wired clocks, wireless clocks, connections to existing systems, or a mix of everything in one building or campus.  We'll help you find the best match for your needs.