3MR Series

3MR Series

The National Time 3MR series clock mechanisms employ worm/worm gear drive technology to provide smooth and continuous advancement of the hands. In addition, this technology protects the clock mechanism from nature's harshest elements such as wind shear, snow and ice. The standard mechanism is driven by a permanent magnet, 115V 50Hz or 60Hz synchronous gear motor. The 3MR series mechanisms offer mounting options to suit all applications with dial sizes to 48" diameter. Custom shaft lengths can be provided to meet specific project requirements. Remote manual switch or automatic clock controls are used for resetting the units to the correct time following power outages or daylight savings adjustments. 3MR series mechanisms are compatible for synchronization with the NIST atomic clock when used with the MC100-GPS or MC100- LAN options.



arrow Dial Sizes to 48"
arrow Illuminated Dial Applications
arrow Through Wall Applications to 12"
arrow Front Mount Applications
arrow Continuous Positive Drive
arrow Worm / Worm Gear Drive
arrow Synchronous Torque Gear Motor
arrow Manufactured in the U.S.A.


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