Architectural Clock Systems

400 Series Round Clocks

National Time’s 400 Series Architectural clocks lead the industry in durability and value. Our clocks are supplied completely assembled ready to be installed into rough openings to alleviate
job-site costs, aggravation, and hassle. No more mounting and wiring individual lighting ballasts and clock mechanisms and on-site design of reflective back plates.

A tempered glass crystal housed in an aluminum frame protects your choice of dial and hands. Select one of our popular styles or design your own to match your facade. The aluminum hands
are driven by the industry’s most powerful worm-driven gear train mechanism which can be automatically corrected for power outages and daylight savings adjustments using one of
National’s Master Clocks.

arrow Tempered Glass Crystal
arrow Aluminum Construction
arrow Long-lasting Neon or
arrow High Efficiency Fluorescent Lighting
arrow Durable Worm-Driven Movement
arrow Custom Dial and Hand Design
arrow Ready-to-Mount Assembly
arrow Accurate Maintenance-free timekeeping with Master Clock (sold separately)
arrow Manufactured in U.S.A.

400 Series Round Clocks

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