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Coca-Cola Clockarrow "Our company, Industrial Signs, has used National Time and Signal for many outdoor clock projects.

One such project was a 23 foot dial that we installed for a Coca-Cola facility here in New Orleans. Upon returning from the destructive winds of Hurricane Katrina, the clock was still functioning.

We feel the reliability of the products manufactured by National Time and Signal are unmatched in the industry."

Paul R. Hunter
Industrial Signs, Division
Neon Sign Corporation

Testimonialsarrow "We are in the process of repairing various signs including architectural signage and ornamental icons in the Atlanta area due to the tornado on the evening of March 14th. We were amazed to see that the clock on the Phillip’s Arena/CNN Center was still running. This is a testament to the high quality, rugged clock that you manufacture and we will definitely be calling on you for our future clock projects."

Dave Akins
Vice President, Henry Sign Systems
Decatur, GA

arrow "During the construction of our new OR and ICU addition, we allowed some of your competitor´s equipment to be installed due to the reduced cost. We mistakenly believed that a clock is a clock is a clock. Needless to say, we found out the hard way that isn´t the case with central time equipment. Not only have we incurred the cost of replacing all of their equipment with National Time equipment, we have had insurance companies question surgical case charges due to time discrepancies in the patient charts. Rejection of even one surgery would more than cover the incremental cost of installing top of the line National Time equipment.

Our experience with National Time equipment has always been the best and the master clock MC-100 with GPS interface that we installed several years ago has always been accurate to the second!"

G. Michael Gerstenlauer
Director, Facility Services
St. John Macomb Hospital
Warren, MI

arrow "At a time when school district budgets are strained and service fees are increasing, it's comforting to know that National Time & Signal will always provide the highest return on investment of any fire alarm and clock manufacturer. Our district has exclusively specified your products for many, many years and we're proud to continually support a Michigan manufacturer. Novi Schools is greatly appreciative of the products and services we receive from National Time & Signal Corp. and look forward to continuing our long standing relationship."

Jeffrey L. Sotzen
Novi Community Schools

arrow "In the month of January 2008, a representative of National Time & Signal Corporation came to Detroit World Outreach to help problem solve our 40 year old smoke detection system.

Through their diligent work and analysis we were able to save over $60,000 and still meet the city code requirements. Their employees were prompt, courteous, clean and very professional.

As facility manager of Detroit World Outreach, I would highly recommend National Time & Signal Corporation."

Robert Purcell
Facility Manager
Detroit World Outreach

arrow "Last year we had a renovation project at five of our schools. We decided to take advantage of the latest in clock technology and installed the Rotary Drive instant reset clock manufactured by National Time & Signal Corporation. We feel the reliability of the products manufactured by National Time & Signal Corporation are unmatched in the industry. The Clocks are performing exactly as promised and we're confident that we will receive decades of reliable service.

Northville Public Schools has tried various wireless clock products. None have performed up to our expectations."

Chris Gearns
Director of Operations
Northville Public Schools

arrow "I wanted to make you aware that we have National Time master clock systems at three of our elementary schools. During a recent survey of these buildings we discovered that these clock systems were all installed in the mid to late 1950's. What a tribute to the quality of your company's system designs! They are fifty years old and still operating."

Greg Sype
Supervisor of Facilities
Airport Community Schools

arrow "Prior to my employment with Jefferson Schools, the school district decided to replace the original National Time master clock with a competitor's product. I do not know why the decision was made to purchase a competitor's product, since the original had provided approximately 40 years of reliable service. Last fall after only a few years, the competitor's product failed. You easily convinced the district facililty committee to purchase a new user friendly National Time master clock. The first one had lasted four decades and the clocks in the classrooms were the original National Time clocks installed nearly 50 years ago, which were compatible with the new National Time clock master!"

Michael A. Bross
Director of Support Services
Jefferson Schools

arrow "I wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed I was with the level of service provided to HealthPlus. The technicians were very thorough in the testing of my alarm system, but even more impressive was how thorough they were in cleaning of the smoke detectors. They also took the time to explain to me the importance of checking the location of the detectors with respect to the ventalation supply vents to reduce the potential amount of dust collected inside of the detectors."

Steven C. Schneider
Director, Facilities Management
HealthPlus of Michigan

arrow "Thank you for having the training class for four of our staff on the 902 panel available to us. We felt the time was well spent. The training will help us to better serve our customer and be able to communicate better with your technicians. We are looking forward to working with your staff more in the future."

John Gibbs
W.A. Foote Hospital

arrow "We have been using National Time secondary clocks exclusively for many projects over a number of years and have been very pleased."

Kevin Vander Kolk P.E.
Vice President
Farris Engineering

arrow "As specifiers, we certainly appreciate manufacturers that support their products such as you do. Thanks again."

Raymond G. Waite
M/E Engineering, P.C.
Buffalo, New York

arrow"These Wi-Fi clocks have been the perfect solution for us and our customers. All you need to do is power them and have an existing wireless network. These clocks are quick and easy to install. Great products and great customer support."

Deke Hightower
ComSec Systems

arrow "I just want to let you know how pleased our School, our Teachers and Staff are about your clocks. We received 62 clocks and they are all working perfectly. They are synchronized with our cell phones, computers and land lines. We just have one problem. Half of our School is still on a wired clock system. That side of our School runs 2 minutes later than yours. We are having a problem getting those to the right time. Sooner or later we will be changing those over to your clock though. Thank you for being low bidder and the Great service you provided."

Bill Lachut
Drector of Facilities
New York Mills School District

arrow "I can not tell you how much help it was to be able to talk to you yesterday about our clock. What you were able to explain over the phone in a few minutes would have taken me many more hours to resolve. The clock is now more accurate than it has probably ever been. The master clock and secondary clock match exactly, no more two minute difference. Thank you for all your help, you and your company National Time and Signal are the best!!!! Our Village is going to be so happy to finally have the clock working at 100%."

Dennis Palmer
Village of Livonia

arrow "I cannot not think of any other manufacturer I would like to contact about this other then you guys!”

Deondre Washington
IBI Architects

arrow "I'm pleased to report the clocks are working flawlessly. The Spectrum Wi-Fi clock is now mounted in our district board room. There's no power outlet up there, and we had to get a 10-foot laddter every spring and fall to reset the time and of course to change the batteries. Now we will get a notification if the batteries are low, giving us a chance to plan the replacement. We also appreciate that the seconds hands on the wired and Wi-Fi clocks synchronize with the master or NTP server. Seems teachers really like having an analog sweep second hand!”

Wes Stout
Sacramento City Unified School District

arrow "The new master clocks system and the clocks are installed and are working flawlessly."

Jeffery Liberman
Director of Technology and Information Resources, Danvers Public Schools