About UsLeveraging Generations of Experience, Commitment and Trust

Our company began as the successors to the Hahl Pneumatic Clock System of the 1870´s, making us the most experienced manufacturers of Master Time Systems, Outdoor Clocks, and Life Safety Systems in America.

Three generations and eight decades after the founding of our company, we remain committed to our craft. From clocks driven by moving pendulums, to the space age precision of the moving Cesium atom; from pull cord fire alarm bells to fiber optic networks, our product solutions keep pace with advanced technologies and the needs of the future.

Key Moments in Our History:

arrow 1877: Hahl Clock Company of Chicago, Illinois, introduces the world's first pneumatically controlled master clock system. This invention sets the stage for the practical use of coordinated time by building occupants. It is so impactful that August Hahl earns the "John Scott Award" for the outstanding contribution to the "comfort, welfare, and happiness" of mankind.

arrow 1918: Rolland Fulton, former Hahl Clock Company salesperson, purchases the company, relocates to Detroit, Michigan and founds the Time Systems Company.  The new company continues to manufacture the successful Hahl pneumatic clock system.

arrow 1920: The company engineers and manufactures electric minute impulse clock systems, tower clocks, nurse call systems, automatic telephone systems and becomes a pioneer in America's early fire alarm system industry.

arrow 1930: The Time Systems Company reorganizes and incorporates as National Time and Signal Corporation and introduces industrial timing systems for Detroit's growing automotive industry.

arrow 1940's: National Time and Signal Corporation suspends product manufacturing and re-tools to support the World War II effort.  A majority of the output was destined for the famed B-24 Liberator bomber production at the immense Henry Ford Willow Run facility.

arrow 1950's: The first individually correctable synchronous motor driven clock system is introduced by National Time and Signal Corporation.

arrow 1990's: National Time and Signal Corporation develops the world's first microprocessor controlled, instant reset analog clock and unveils its state of art digital communication intelligent fire alarm system.

 2000's: National Time and Signal Corporation improves the digital clock line creating the most green, power efficient clocks available in the industry.  Remote connectivity to their LIfe Safety systems is moved to the "cloud" with the introduction of On-PointTM internet connectivity.

arrow Today: The company continues to develop technological advances, which include LAN/WAN, WiFi, GPS and web-enabled systems for today's needs.  Interactive Graphicial Displays (IGDs) integrate Life Safety systems with informational displays for weather, building directories, way-finding, room scheduling and event promotion.